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Explore 10 key factors while choosing right paediatrician for a smooth journey to optimal child health.

How to Choose a Paediatrician: 10 Things to Consider

When a couple gets ready to welcome a new addition to their family it is a joyous occasion. However, it has its set of humbling challenges and endless rewards. Parenthood means embracing an exciting, exhausting, bewildering, and amazing time in your life. Therefore, to ensure that this important time in your life has an able guardian angel, you need an experienced paediatrician.

Finding a good paediatrician is the topmost thing in the to-do list of would-be parents. Moreover, every would-be parent must understand that this decision requires careful planning since it entails the vital healthcare needs of your little one from infancy to young adulthood.

In this blog, we shall explore how to navigate the challenges of choosing a paediatrician and 10 things to consider while choosing a paediatrician. We hope you enjoy reading and can make an informed choice for your family’s welfare.

Who is a Paediatrician?

A paediatrician is a medical professional who specializes in the comprehensive care of infants, children, and adolescents. These highly trained physicians are dedicated to promoting the overall well-being of young patients, from birth through the transition to adulthood.

Paediatricians play a crucial role in monitoring a child’s growth and development, providing preventive care, diagnosing and treating various childhood illnesses and conditions, and offering guidance to parents on various aspects of child health and wellness.

How to Choose a Paediatrician?

It is a daunting task to choose the right paediatrician for your child. Moreover, the paediatrician will be your go-to for all health-related concerns from birth to adolescence. Therefore, you must select a well-qualified, approachable paediatrician who can communicate effectively with you and your child. Also, parents must consider convenience, consulting hours, proximity, and the doctor’s expertise.

Additionally, choosing a paediatrician ensures that the doctor can handle emergencies or refer you to specialists when needed. Also, assess the pediatric practice to ensure your child receives personalised care. Selecting a qualified paediatrician is a significant decision because it impacts your child’s health and your peace of mind.

Ultimate Checklist to Consider While Choosing a Paediatrician

#1 Qualifications and Experience

Check out the details of the doctor’s credentials. A qualified doctor with valuable experience can be the game changer for you and your child

Additionally, when your child has a specific health condition, ensure that you search for a pediatric doctor with experience of managing similar cases.

#2 Location and Availability

Select an experienced paediatrician closer to your home since it provides convenience when availing of their services.  Also, check if the doctor is available for emergencies or weekends. Children need vaccinations and other checkups so if the location is too far away, it may not be feasible to travel and consult with the sick child.

Make it a point to check the average wait time in the clinic or hospital. If the paediatrician is very busy, he may get time to interact with the child and parents. 

#3 Office Policies and Procedures

It is essential to check the office’s policies on scheduling appointments, handling after-hours calls, and communicating test results. The experience should be hassle-free for parents.

#4 Communication and Rapport

Communication with the doctor is important for lasting bonds. Therefore, choose a doctor with whom you feel comfortable to discuss your child’s health. Also, the doctor should be able to interact well with children.

#5 Technology and Electronic Medical Records

In this digital age, pediatric practitioners now use electronic medical records (EMRs) to manage patient information. Consequently, it streamlines communication with other healthcare providers if required. Make it a point to ask about the use of EMRs or other digital tools.

#6 Payment Options

Check out the payment policies of the doctor and also if the provider fits your budget. Enquire about the physician’s fees, including charges for visits and other services.

#7 Do Your Research

Take time to check online reviews, and recommendations from relatives, friends and gynaecologists to know about the experience of the paediatricians in your locality. Choose the doctor who is most suitable for your child.

#8 Reviews 

Choose a certified MBBS paediatrician with the necessary training and M.D. in Paediatrics and Child Health qualifications to provide quality care. 

Check out patient testimonials and reviews about the doctor. You may need a paediatrician who can handle emergencies with confidence and expertise.

#9 What was the first visit like?

Watch out for good behaviour when you first visit the paediatrician. You should notice how the doctor interacts with your child or newborn. Consider a different doctor if you are not comfortable after the first visit.

#10 Do family or friends recommend them?

Ask your family and friends for recommendations for good paediatricians. Valuable recommendations could go a long way for the benefit of your child.

Potential Benefits of Choosing the Best Pediatric Doctor

Opting for the most suitable paediatrician for your child makes a great difference. Check out these potential benefits. 

Assurance and Security

Competent paediatricians give you a sense of security. Therefore, it assures you that your little one receives exceptional healthcare.

Customised Treatment

A child specialist provides treatment tailored to your child’s requirements, assuring them the best possible medical care. 

Shared Decision-Making

Expert paediatricians can help you make informed decisions. Also, the doctor can give referrals to other medical professionals when needed.

Preventive Care

Paediatricians offer preventative healthcare steps, so your child can avoid expensive treatments and hospitalisations down the road. 

Consistency and Continuity of Care

A permanent paediatrician establishes a lasting relationship with your kids. Also, they can monitor your child’s growth through the years. This helps to detect potential health problems and extend counselling when needed.

Red Flags to Consider While Choosing a Paediatrician

Selecting the best doctor for your child’s health is a significant choice that must not be taken lightly. Here are some red-flag indicators to help you recognise telltale signs that a paediatrician doesn’t meet your expectations.

Apathetic and Uninterested

Select a doctor who is enthusiastic and attentive to your worries. If you notice that the doctor seems apathetic during discussions, he may not be the right consultant.

Lack of Empathy

Search for an alternative if the doctor lacks communication abilities and empathy towards patients and families.  

Lack of Professionalism

Consider consulting someone else, if the doctor seems to lack professionalism or needs to be more organised or prepared during your appointments. 

Lack of Transparency

Watch out for dishonest behavior including a history of malpractice, disciplinary action, or a refusal to follow evidence-based medicine.


Choosing the right paediatrician is a crucial decision that requires careful thought and research. By considering factors like experience, qualifications, bedside manner, communication skills, hospital affiliation, and compatibility with your parenting style, you can ensure that your child receives excellent care and support for their health and development.

At Dispur Polyclinic & Hospital, we understand the importance of quality pediatric care. Our team of experienced and compassionate paediatricians is dedicated to your baby’s well-being, offering a comprehensive range of services from routine check-ups and vaccinations to specialised treatments for various pediatric conditions. We are honoured to receive the prestigious ‘Excellence in Mother and Child Care Award’ at the Northeast Healthcare Summit 2023, highlighting our unwavering commitment to providing the best possible care to mothers and their children.

If you’re a parent looking for a trusted paediatrician in Guwahati, Dispur Polyclinic & Hospitals is the best option. Our team of experts, combined with our empathy and tireless efforts, has positively impacted countless families, ensuring their safe and healthy journey through the critical stages of pregnancy and childbirth. Book an appointment today and experience the exceptional care that your baby deserves.

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